Honey Moon Luna de Miel

The Honeymoon trip is unique and special in the couple's life, one of the most anticipated and enjoyable moments.

To give this event the importance it deserves, we have a professional department exclusively dedicated to design an unforgettable journey according to all your desires and expectations.

All Clerc knows that happiness is something that not only will be experienced but also will be remembered and cherished forever.

We also develop lists of marriages for family and friends to give you a present more valuable and enduring, a romantic experience for a lifetime.


Honeymoon list:


15/07/2011 - Alicia Moro y Aldo Aguirre

03/09/2011 - Cristina Lanceta y Juan Fachi

29/11/2011 - Julia Segovia y Jose Lapresti

12/12/2011 - Cintia Alvarez y Esteban Burja

14/12/2011 - Priscila Mare y Alfonso Ardicha