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The Cuyo region displays the full splendor of the Central Andean Range. The Aconcagua (6.959 m) the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere towers over its surroundings. Its steep slopes are renown and respected by mountain climbers the world over, who come to challenge its imposing heights as condors soar over their heads. The valleys of the Cuyo region are renown for the excellence of their grapes and wine production. Cuyo means ''the country of the deserts'' in mapuche language name that comes from the arid and high mountains. This area is very good for outdoor activities such us kayak, river rafting, windsurf, fishing and ski. The best ski resorts are located here such as Las Lenas, Penitentes and Vallecitos.

The main city is Mendoza followed by San Juan, La Rioja and San Luis. Mendoza is also well-known as ''the sunny land and good wine''. Visiting wine cellars, admiring the green vineyards and tasting the local wines is a must in Mendoza.

The Talampaya River canyon reveals amazing multi-shaped layers in its high red walls. The ''Valle de la Luna'' or Moon Valley, located in Ischigualasto, is a journey back in time. These natural parks have been declared World Heritage by the UNESCO.

San Luis counts as well with special landscapes such as Villa de Merlo, Valle del Conlara, Sierra de las Quijadas, El Volcan, Potrero de los Funes, Lagunas del sur, Salinas del Bebedero that can be visited all year round.