Argentina Argentina

Argentine is a destination that attracts the rich and varied natural beauty, customs, traditional foods and good tourist infrastructure.
This territory is vast and extends from the highest peaks of the Andes in the west to the great rivers and the extensive beaches and cliffs of the Argentine Sea in the east, from the rainforest in the north to the valleys, glaciers, lakes and forests cold of the Patagonian Andes in the south, which is the main and most attractive gateway to Antarctica.

The long distances are traveled by plane, although it can be done by land, long distance transport.
Should take into account the seasonal weather and Argentina, dominated by a temperate climate, although, given the size, in the south and in high mountain areas (including tropical) temperatures are often cold and snowy place, additionally, in northern lowlands, temperatures are warm.
The coldest months are May, June and July, the warmest months are December, January and February.

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